Not only for single detached housing but also for apartment buildings, as well as in the commercial sector the following 5 specific sectors intervene : Ventilation Centralized vacuum cleaning Air diffusion and distribution Fire protection Acoustics Due to its worldwide set-up and it policy of innovation, the ALDES Group has known how to meet the expectations of the building industry markets throughout the world. ALDES can thus be proud to boast high quality references with international renown such as the Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, the Georges Pompidou European Hospital or again the Louvre in Paris in France and the Tour de la Villette Tower in France etc. Range : Aldes has several ventilation systems to offer: - Constant flow mechanical ventilation, exhaust-flow or double-flow with heat recovery . - Humidity controlled exhaust-flow ventilation : the principle of humidity-controlled ventilation enables the dwelling to be ventilated when and where necessary as a function of the humidity level. - Modulated exhaust-flow mechanical ventilation : modulated-flow ventilation enables the air flows to adapt automatically relative to the needs of premises with variable or intermittent occupancy. Innovative product: Temperation H Heat-exchange double-flow mechanical ventilation Air inside a house has to be renewed. In that case why not take advantage of the situation to supply air that has been either cooled or warmed depending on the season? That's the principle behind Températion that offers the performance of double-flow ventilation and thermal comfort whatever the season. The advantages are numerous: - cooling of the air, warming the air by heat recovery from the exhausted air, self-regulating air-renewal, air, filtration, comfort, etc. Still driven by the desire to improve the quality of indoor air and the health of occupants, Aldes ventured into the development of centralized vacuum cleaning systems in 1991. Unregulated products, opening up international prospects, Aldes is continuing its developments in vacuum cleaning by acquiring specialized subsidiaries throughout the world. Today, Aldes is the European leader in centralized vacuum cleaning systems. A centralized vacuum cleaning system comprises a central unit located in a utility room; a system of pipes connecting the central unit to the suction inlets, a hose, the suction inlets and accessories. Range : From the single-user centralized vacuum cleaning system for individual and collective residential housing to the multi-user centralized vacuum cleaning system, Aldes offers: - a complete range - from the central unit to the accessories - - and a large range calling on different technologies - dry or wet filtration, with bags or cyclonic, wired or non-wired start-up systems, by pressure wave , sound wave or even radio wave. And all this still out of an interest to adapt to different markets to increase, hygiene, comfort levels and performance. Fire protection Specialized in aeraulics and the study of air movements, ALDES also offers a vast range of mechanical smoke extraction products (for the extraction of smoke, flames and gases to facilitate the evacuation of people from burning buildings) and compartmentalization (to prevent smoke and flames spreading from a fire zone along the aeraulic system to neighboring areas). Range : Fire dampers, shutters and smoke extraction-roof fans, air inlet grilles, aesthetic grilles and relay cabinets. Innovating product: ISONE The ISONE circular fire damper is new generation of totally upgradeable fire dampers. Winner of a gold medal at the "Innovation Competition" during the BATIMAT/Paris trade fair in 1999. It benefits from many advantages: plug-in upgradeable-mechanism option, electromagnetic trigger only for the VCC 24 and 48 and the MICAFLEX hot self-sealing system , Available in 2 versions "low-pressure loss" and "compact", lots of clever points to make installation easy. Air diffusion and distribution Already with a presence in the air conditioning components, ducts and accessories market, the integration of the Belgian Euro Register group in 2000, has enabled Aldes to venture into the production of air diffusion equipment . The control of air diffusion, distribution and regulation is the guarantee of improving comfort levels above and beyond that achieved by simple air renewal. Range: From now on, Aldes manufactures more than 1,000 listed products in small terminals, grilles and diffusers. Small terminals : Wall or ceiling mounted, connect directly to flexible circular ducts. Grilles : Wall mounted, interior or exterior, fix to a plenum which is in turn connected to a duct, air-return only or air return and supply, with fixed or adjustable vanes, with or without air-flow control, with or without a integrated filter. Diffusers : Ceiling mounted, conventional or high induction air-supply, with or without air-flow control, circular, square or linear rectangular shapes. Adjustable air-flow regulator : air-flow regulator for circular ducts. Ducts and accessories : a whole range for, fixing, sealing and insulating air-distribution systems. Acoustics Ventilation and air-treatment systems suffer from noise transmitted into the rooms themselves along the aeraulic system, which is generally rectangular in cross section. To eliminate this noise, ALDES offers conventional "passive" technologies as well as innovative "active technologies. Range : Passive acoustic-attenuation technologies : passive equipment such as acoustically insulated ducts and silencer baffles. Active technologies such as circular or rectangular active silencers. aldes groupe aldes_com.shtm aldes groupe aldes_com_fr.shtm aldes group aldes_com_en.shtm gruppo aldes aldes_com_it.shtm aldes france aldes_fr.shtm ventilation mécanique contrôlée aldes_fr_ventilation.shtm Températion aldes_fr_temperation.shtm aldes group aldes_en.shtm aldes group aldes_en.shtm aspirateur centralisé